How to Treat Acne Using Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acne is one of the most common skin problems that teenagers face today. These are not just pimples, and it is wrong to apply temporary quick-fixes such as creams and lotions on them. This is why it is important to know what TCM has got to tell us about acne and the basic ways to treat them.

Traditional Way of Treating Acne

TCM offers a completely different approach towards the function of your body. It relies on many traditional theories about treating diseases. Skin problems are one of them. The highlight of this approach from TCM is that it is completely innovative and sophisticated, but it is traditional. It will change the way you approach the subject of pathology.

Acne Due to Stress

Due to the excessive stress in our everyday lives, our body gets overheated and generates a lot of heat. This internal heat causes our skin to break down, and as a result of which, you will develop acne on your face. TCM states that the heat generation could be from any part of your body – intestines, lungs, hormones, etc. so it is important to address the cause of the problem to get rid of it completely.

A professional TCM dermatology expert will analyze the colour, shape, and characteristics of your acne and let you know where the heat is coming from and how you need to control it permanently.

Acne Due to Stagnation

According to TCM experts, acne is also caused by stagnation or congestion of the skin. When the blood circulation to the skin is not up to the desired level, it may cause acne. Pimples caused by this problem are dark red or purple. Women who experience acne due to blood stagnation will experience severe menstrual cramps and notice severe bouts of acne during their menstrual cycles.


TCM recommends herbal medicines as the best treatment for acne. Depending on the intensity of the breakouts, there are different levels of acupuncture treatments available as well. If your acne is deep and intense, you need to intake herbal medicines every day to control your acne issues.

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