Why Traditional Chinese Medicine Is on the Verge of Becoming More Popular Than Ever

The popularity of TCM continues to increase by leaps and bounds every year. As more and more people experience the positive results of traditional Chinese medicine , the more the word of its efficiency spreads. There is exciting news on the horizon, however, in terms of TCM recognition by the top health Association in the world, which will put TCM on the verge of becoming much more popular than it has ever been before.
The World Health Organization will first recognize Chinese traditional medicine next year in its global medical compendium. This will be the 11th version of the compendium and for the first time ever there will be details included in it regarding traditional medicine.
This reference source, which is called the ICD, International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, reaches far and wide. It actually sets the agenda for medicine in more than 100 different countries across the world. Physicians make important decisions and diagnoses based on this reference point and it affects how medical research moves forward.
TCM information will be provided in Chapter 26 and will include a traditional medicine classification system. It’s expected that the inclusion of traditional Chinese medicine will greatly impact medicine and the interpretation of TCM on a global level.
The WHO has stated that the goal of including traditional Chinese medicine is to promote the effective use and safety of traditional medicine by integrating, researching and regulating traditional products of medicine into appropriate health systems. Many people also believe that the inclusion of TCM in this compendium will greatly help increase the spread of TCM.
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